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2017 Edition

Welcome to the Winter 2017 Sagesse Publication!

1. Introduction – Sagesse Winter 2017 (384 KB)

by Uta Fox, CRM, ARMA Canada, Director of Canadian Content

2. Memory as a Records Management System (471 KB)

by Sandra Dunkin, MLIS, CRM, IGP and Cheri Rauser, MLIS

3. RM in Canadian Universities – The Present & Future (329 KB)

by Shan Jin, MLIS, CRM, CIP

4. Electronic Recordkeeping – From Promise to Fulfillment (370 KB)

by Bruce Miller, IGP, MBA

5. D’archivage électronique – De la promesse à l’accomplissement (439 KB)

par Bruce Miller, IGP, MBA

6. From Chaos to Order – A Case Study In Restructuring a Shared Drive (957 KB)

by Anne Rathbone, CRM and Kris Boutilier

Meet the Authors

Sandra DunkinMLIS, IGP, CRM, is the Records & Information Management Coordinator for the First Nations Summit Society.  Sandra is also currently the Program Director for the ARMA Canada Conference, Chair of ARMA Vancouver’s First Nations RIM Symposium Committee, and a member of ARMA International’s Core Competencies Update Group.

 Currently working as an academic librarian in online distance education Cheri Rauser, MLIS, enjoyed exploring the current state of cognitive informatics and neuroscience while collaborating on this article. Besides working in academic librarianship Cheri has been employed as a university lecturer, museum cataloguer and moving image archivist. Other research interests include: the role of the library in accreditation and web-based indexing vs paper indexing.

Shan Jin, MLIS, CRM, CIP,  is a Records Analyst/Archivist at Queen’s University Archive. She earned a master degree of library and information studies from Dalhousie University, is a Certified Records Manager and a Certified Information Professional. She has contributed to several ARMA technical reports. Shan can be contacted at [email protected].

 Bruce Miller, IGP, MBA is President of RIMtech, a vendor-neutral records technology consulting firm. He is an author, an educator, and the inventor of modern electronic recordkeeping software. The author of “Managing Records in Microsoft SharePoint”, he specializes in the deployment of Electronic Document and Records Management Systems.

With a twenty-two year career in Local Government IT, Kris Boutilier has overseen numerous reinventions of technology. From DOS 3.2 to Windows 10, 300 baud dial-up to 100Mbit broadband, the IBM Selectric to Office 365. Transitioning from Physical to Electronic Records Management has proved the most challenging undertaking yet. Contact Kris at [email protected].

Anne Rathbone, CRM,  has 20 years RIM experience, all with local governments.  She was one of the leaders on the shared drive project, provides all staff training on the new shared drive and is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the new framework. She echos Kris’ sentiments about e-records.  Contact Anne at [email protected].