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We help you find someone to help answer your particular pain point.

Committed to building a strong RiM Community.

The business of IM continues transforming. The Business is now fully moving from a paper based paradigm to a digital experience: born digital- stay digital.

New graduates, & new professionals entering this business, you have the basics to do your jobs you’re your schooling, or from access to your predecessor’s manuals. But is it enough?

ARMA is here to make sure that whether you are a new graduates, or a new professionals to IM, have a way to reach out to seasoned, experience members to help get over hurdles faced when implementing new IM systems, new IM ways.

Purpose of Connecting the Community

ARMA Canada’s Connection Program connects you, the developing Canadian professional new to Records and Information Management to the ARMA International Mentoring program. There you, can seek opportunities to understand new approaches being implemented by seasoned ARMA members.

The goal of the Connection Program is to foster Real Learning. “Real learning is the ability to adopt what you know and know-how to do and adapt it under an everchanging variety of circumstances.” –  David Grebow


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