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Virtual – ARMA Canada Connects Series 2020

Bringing the ARMA Canada Information Community to you, virtually.
Join us for a series of sponsored webinars from trusted partners.
About ARMA Canada Connects Series

ARMA Canada Region is a bridge and connector between our members and industry partners. Our partners have a treasure trove of content and expertise, and we want to share this expertise with you, the ARMA Canada Community.

Join ARMA Canada Connects Series

If you are interested in presenting as part of the ARMA Canada Connects Series, please contact our Expo & Events Director. Otherwise, please join us by registering for individual sessions below.

ARMA Canada Virtual Picnic
Virtual summer meet-and-greet
Thursday August 13, 2020
10 AM PST  / 1 PM EST
Virtual Event Details - August 13, 2020

ARMA Canada invites you to join our Virtual Picnic. This is our chance for ARMA members in Canada to connect on a virtual platform and have real conversations!

What to bring:

· Bring one summer picnic items for show and tell.

· Come with your favourite beverage – we can do a virtual cheer together

· Be expected to turn on your camera. Optional but highly recommended

Connect with ARMA Canada
Webinar brought to you by:
ARMA Canada Region
Shinydocs Corporation
AI Powered Information Management at SaskEnergy
Thursday August 20, 2020
10 AM  PST / 1 PM EST
Virtual Event Details - August 20, 2020

AI Powered Information Management at SaskEnergy

Data is growing at an exponential rate and disappearing into dark repositories. Getting the right information to the right person at the right time is expensive and the consequences of not delivering are mounting. SaskEnergy is embarking on a transformational information governance initiative that is working to make the unknown known and turning information from liability to viability.

Speaker Bio: Norm Friend

Norm Friend, Business Solutions Integrator, Information Services at SaskEnergy

Norm is a Business Solutions Integrator at SaskEnergy, responsible for providing information services to the business. Worked in the EIM space for over 20 years specializing in implementing solutions for organizations across many industries around information management. Passionate about information governance, Norm ensures business groups have the right information available to do their job successfully.

Session Facilitator: David Yoon

David Yoon, Director of Marketing, ShinyDocs Corporation


About Shinydocs Coporation

Founded in 2014, Shinydocs leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to help companies organize their documents by finding unstructured information wherever it exists and eliminating redundant, obsolete and trivial files. Shinydocs searches, organizes, and understands unstructured data at scale, providing actionable security, compliance, and business operations insights.

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Webinar brought to you by:
Quick Start for your Team – Projects that Really make a Difference
Thursday September 10, 2020
10 AM  PST  / 1 PM EST
Virtual Event Details - September 10, 2020

Quick Start for your Team – Projects that Really make a Difference

We have all been part of an unprecedented event that has derailed many corporate and personal plans over the past months. Most of us worked from home, some teams are still there, due to potential health issues in their families or looking after children, or social spacing rules.


How difficult would it be to get them as productive as they were before all of this happened, helping their company move forward and working as a cohesive group? A focused project is the best way to get your team back in the groove again.


This presentation will explore Records and Information Management projects that may be just what’s needed to sync up your team, bring them back together and reestablish their value in the company.
Speaker Bio: Rick Stirling

Rick Stirling, President

Rick Stirling is the President of WesternIM and a recognized expert and pioneer in the Information Management community. Rick is a frequent speaker at events in both Canada and USA, including workshops focusing on strategic planning and Information Governance. An active member of ARMA International, Rick held executive positions on international board of directors, Canadian Region, Educational Foundation Board, and was an original member of the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles, Information Governance Professional Certification, and IGP Governance Board. Rick is one of Canada’s most respected authorities on Information Management.
About WesternIM

WesternIM is an information management consulting company offering a wide range of services for solving every day as well as unique and challenging unusual issues raised by our clients. WesternIM is a recognized leader in the Records and Information Management industry, and has participated in the development of many of today’s information management and governance standards.

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Webinar brought to you by:
RIMtech Consulting
Thursday September 17, 2020
10 AM  PST  / 1 PM EST
Virtual Event Details - September 17, 2020

Re-Envisioning the Retention Schedule

Retention schedules have never been able to deal with digital records and modern recordkeeping software. Until now. Bruce Miller has pioneered an entirely new approach to retention schedules specifically to handle today’s digital records and systems. New thinking. New rules. New approach. Don’t get left behind!
Learn the new, modern way to create a retention schedule for modern times.
Speaker Bio: Bruce Miller

Bruce Miller, President

Bruce Miller, MBA, IGP, is a respected author, educator, speaker and consultant on Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRMS) systems and technology. The inventor of modern electronic recordkeeping software, Bruce continues to innovate for electronic recordkeeping. His book “Managing Records in Microsoft SharePoint” introduced new, state-of-the-art recordkeeping methods and technology.
About RIMtech Consulting

RIMtech is the corporate home of Bruce Miller — the world’s leading electronic records management expert. Widely regarded as the founder of electronic recordkeeping software, Bruce is a vendor-neutral independent consultant, and author, and educator on all matters of electronic recordkeeping. He specializes in EDRMS (Electronic Document and Records Management) projects.

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Webinar brought to you by:
Previously in the Connects Series
Virtual Event Details - July 16, 2020
A Case Study: Large-Scale Migration at a Government Agency

Michael Schweitzer and Jas Shukla will walk you through the ins-and-outs of a successful compliance initiative for a billion-dollar provincial government agency. Gravity Union worked with all departments across the enterprise to migrate and classify over four million records with SharePoint and Collabware.

Speaker Bio: Michael Schweitzer, CEO and Principal

Michael Schweitzer, CEO and Principal, Gravity Union

Michael Schweitzer is the founder of Gravity Union with deep experience in Office 365 and Collabware CLM. He has assisted dozens of customers reach their organizational information management goals. He was awarded the first Collabware MVP designation and is the creator of the “Seven Pillars of ECM” philosophy.
Speaker Bio: Jas Shukla, Director of Marketing

Jas Shukla, Director of Marketing, Gravity Union

Jas leads marketing at Gravity Union and partners with clients on user experience to ensure solutions meet both business and end-user needs. She has over ten years of SharePoint consulting, product development and business analysis experience. Prior to Gravity Union, Jas worked at Microsoft as a product manager and a Principal UX Designer at FreshBooks.
About Gravity Union

Gravity Union is a compliance-inspired, digital transformation consultancy that empowers organizations to take control of their critical information. We work with organizations to plan, execute and maintain Electronic Content Management (ECM) solutions. We serve clients in both the private and public sector, including energy companies, government and Crown corporations.

Webinar brought to you by:
Virtual Event Details - July 23, 2020

On the Fly: Information and Privacy Best Practices During the Pandemic

Keeping business going during a global pandemic has its challenges: working from home, remote meetings, and managing employee illness represent significant privacy risks that don’t get a pass because of quarantine. In this session, we will discuss some of the scenarios and risks that have arisen during this unique time, and how to manage them.

Speaker Bio: Else Khoury, Founder, Primary Consultant

Else Khoury, Founder, Primary Consultant

Else Khoury, BA(Hons), MISt, is the founder and primary consultant with Seshat Information Consulting. Else has worked for more than 20 years in the field of Privacy, Access, and Records/Information Management. Else is also an instructor with the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies and has a regular column (Access and Privacy Zone) in Municipal World Magazine.

About Seshat Information Consulting

Seshat Information Consulting specializes in helping organizations adapt and implement privacy, access and information management solutions and strategies to reduce risk and increase performance. Seshat focuses on operationalizing compliance through policies and training, risk assessments, gap analyses and strategic planning.

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Webinar brought to you by:
Virtual Event Details - July 30, 2020

Updating Work-from-Home Records Retention Policy Is No Longer an Option: Best Practices to Minimize Legal and Regulatory Risks, and Maximize Compliance

Have you updated your organization’s record retention policy for work-from-home employees? In the age of COVID-19, best practices call for updated record retention policy governing remote staff’s use and retention of records via personal devices, sites, and accounts. You’ll leave this webinar armed with sample policies and strategies to minimize legal/regulatory risks and maximize compliance.

Speaker Bio: Nancy Flynn, Founder and Director, ePolicy Institute

Nancy Flynn, Founder and Director, ePolicy Institute

As the founder of the world’s leading electronic policy writing and training firm, Nancy Flynn is a recognized expert in electronic policy, compliance, and communication. She is an in-demand trainer and policy writer with clients worldwide. Since 1998, public and private employers have turned to her institute to minimize electronic risks. To learn more, visit ePolicyInstitute.com.

Speaker Bio: Frederic Bourget, CTO, NetGovern

Frederic Bourget, CTO, NetGovern

After completing studies in engineering physics, Frederic started his career at Matrox, where he took part in defining one of the first small business internet routers. He then joined Marconi in optical communication, worked on the optical data revolution, contributed to improving voice quality in VoIP at Octasic, and finally joined NetGovern in 2008.

About NetGovern

NetGovern was created with the idea that enterprise information is an asset that must be protected. Our information governance software offers the fastest speed to value, lowest TCO, and most precise visibility into unstructured data sources (email, files, messages). We enable mid-sized organizations to achieve compliance, safeguard information, simplify eDiscovery and protect their reputation.

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