Information Conference 2021

2020’s unforeseen challenges have shown us how closely we are all intertwined, and the strength that comes when communities rally around a solution and work together.

Our community of Information Professionals had to work and adapt very quickly as we all moved – ourselves, and others – to a working from home environment. We were digitizing, creating policies, guidelines and implementing change at a pace none of us thought was possible.

At the same time, the remote work environment challenged the status quo, and also brought about improvements, efficiencies and new expectations that will hopefully be sustained in our new and ongoing work environments.

Join us at Information Conference 2021 for real conversations about the challenges and opportunities we face as we inspire each other and grow our community, virtually.

Get Connected, Stay Connected

Presentations and content at Information Conference 2021 will be focused on the connections made, the trust and respect earned, and change and change management implemented during the transition and continuation of work-from-home scenarios. Information, records, data, security, privacy and technology were so closely intertwined to make this shift happen, that it wasn’t any one group that was responsible for the transition, nor could any one group shoulder all the blame during challenging times.

  • Partnerships were formed between different groups that previously didn’t have a material connection
  • Communities of practice were formed to bring diverse opinions and expertise to the table when building solutions
  • Solutions were quickly and readily shared where possible, building a culture of inclusivity and inspiration


Join us at Information Conference 2021 May 31 – June 2, 2021