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zPlan to Attend

InfoCon CAN 2020

Fairmont | Winnipeg MB | June 1-3, 2020

Why should you attend?

At the ARMA Canada Conference you will have direct access to dozens of industry professionals.  Information sharing, question-and-answer sessions and networking are a vital part of the conference experience. The solutions you can find at the conference can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in consulting fees. 

The following are examples you may use for budgeting, forecasting and building a business case to attend InfoCON CAN 2020.

Determining your ROI

Costs Avoided by Attending the Conference
Hours of Training: $2,000
(20 x $100 –cost of in-house training per hour)


Training Materials: $250 
(average cost of educational books, papers and CD)


Access to Vendors: $1000
(10 x $100 – hours spent researching x hourly wage)


Networking with Peers: $,1000
(cost of monthly local group meetings x hourly work rate)


Admission to Hospitalities and Receptions: $450
(entrance fee, food x number of events)

Expenses incurred by attending the conference
Conference Registration (Early Bird): $995
(based on 2019 Conference fees)

Travel: $500
(approximate mileage or return flight)

Lodging Costs: $450
(average hotel fee x average time of stay)

Meal Costs: $250
(include costs incurred outside of conference hours for meals)

Time Away From Office: –
(insert cost of being away from the office)


Contact a member of the ARMA Canada Region team.