Sagesse White Papers

Are You Stuck in the Past with your RIM Program and Software?
Jasmine Boucher, BMgt, CIP

Historic and current challenges faced by records managers for implementing software, process and technology solutions are discussed. Learn more about discovering the problems, how to promote RIM as a vital resource worth investing organizational resources into, and the next steps in implementing a records management program.

Integrate Digital Preservation into your Information Governance Program
Lori J. Ashley

An exponentially increasing number of valued information assets are born and will spend their entire “lives” in the digital realm. For those assets that must be retained long-term, there are risks and serious threats from technology obsolescence that should be systematically considered and proactively addressed.

MIGRATING a Billion-Dollar Government Agency TO A NEW RECORDS SYSTEM
Jas Shukla

ECM projects fail for different reasons. In our experience, we see failures most commonly due to legacy technology that is not supported, lack of leadership, lack of adoption due to a poor user experience, or a poor rollout process such as a ‘big bang’ approach. 

This article takes an in-depth look at a successful ECM project with a provincial government agency and details how that project was rolled out over a period of 18 months.

Bring Order to Chaos: Regaining Control of Unstructured Data
Jacques Sauve

Organizations have been accumulating data for years, sometimes decades. Corporate networks are storing literally millions of files, folders, and emails. As the demand for more storage grew over the years, there were two options to consider:

  1. Clean up what was no longer needed and reclaim the space,
  2. Add more storage capacity to the network systems.
Choosing a software – Getting to the Request for Proposal (RFP)
Brenda Prowse, CRM
Director of Professional Service & IM, Prima Information Solutions

Quick fix? Magic Bullet? These are terms often used when organizations talk about purchasing software. Many seem to think a piece of software will solve all of their information management problems. To be honest, it can solve most. But not without some hard work first. So no, you can’t just say Abra Cadabra and all the problems will go away like magic!