14 Chapters. 1 National Community.

ARMA Canada Region brings together a national community of IM Professionals that share experience, expertise and connections. As an affiliated region of ARMA International, ARMA Canada Region is able to provide its members with resources unique to our population, as well as access to international resources through ARMA International.

Experienced volunteers available to help.

The ARMA Canada Region board is composed of experienced volunteers who understand the challenges involved when starting or running a chapter. Our team provides templates, guidance and direction and works together with the 14 chapters across Canada. We broker, link and engage fellow chapters while also sharing our experience in governance, education and programming, marketing and communications, and chapter operations.


ARMA Canada Region is a registered non-profit organization in Canada. The ARMA Canada Region Board of Directors is entirely volunteer-based. Current Directors as of March 1, 2021:

Region Director: Christy Walters

Conference and Program Director: Shelly Smith

Secretary/Treasurer: Dawn Bassett

Canadian Content (Sagesse) Director: Barbara Bellamy

Strategic Partnerships Director: Ellie Kim

Marketing & Communications Director: Jay Jorgensen

Conference Coordinator: Bobbie Morrison

Conference Coordinator: Robyn Biggar

Governance & Task Force Advisor: Carol Garnham

Region Advisor, Western: Ken Oldenburger

Region Advisor, Central: Marco Landry

Region Advisor, Atlantic: Ryan Kelly

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