Sagesse [saʒɛs]

Sagesse [saʒεs] Def: French word meaning wisdom, good sense, foresight and sagacity

Sagesse: Journal of Canadian Records and Information Management, an ARMA Canada publication, is an electronic publication. Its intended audience is Canadian records and information management (RIM) and information governance (IG) professionals, practitioners and students.

Sagesse offers a hybrid approach to RIM-IG by showcasing practical and theoretical articles as well as publications and scholarly research focusing on issues, governance, concerns, laws, regulations, ethics, history, standards and practices of interest and applicability to the Canadian RIM profession.

Sagesse is your vehicle to share your RIM-IG success stories, lessons learned, how-to-do aspects of RIM-IG, biographies of Canadian RIM pioneers and leaders in the industry and other research featuring RIM-IG topics.  Share your experiences as this is your publication;  we want to hear from you!

Sagesse Editions


Sagesse [saʒɛs]

Edition VII

Winter 2022


Sagesse [saʒɛs]

Edition VI

Winter 2021


Sagesse [saʒɛs]

Edition V

Winter 2020


Sagesse [saʒɛs]

Edition IV

Winter 2019


Sagesse [saʒɛs]

Edition III

Winter 2018


Sagesse [saʒɛs]

Edition II

Winter 2017


Sagesse [saʒɛs]

Edition II

Winter 2016